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  • Various clinical challenges surgeons are facing these days in Mandibular Surgeries require solutions that can be only solved with innovative products.
  • STAHLMANN proudly meets these high demands, thanks to its cutting-edge development and manufacturing power coming from its key personnel with in-depth knowledge and experiences.
  • All screws work with all plates within each STAHLMANN system
  • One blade for all screws within each STAHLMANN system
  • Self-retaining screws/blades that minimize cam-out
  • Reduced plate/screw profile, where applicable
  • Standardized Instrumentation
  • Color-coding by strength for easy identification
  • Rounded edges on plates for less irritation to soft tissue, where applicable


  • STAHLMANN Mandible System in intended for bone fixation in the following indication;
  • Mandible Trauma & Fracture
  • Mandible Reconstructive Surgery
  • Orthognathic Surgery


  • Comprehensive locking plate selection
  • Flexible selection of screw and plate combinations
  • Color coded system for easy component selection
  • Reduced inventory for hospitals without compromising clinical solutions
  • Color coding guides the user for recommended implant and instrument selection


  • Improved cruciform-style drive recess for greater screw/blade retention and torque transmission for reduce cam-out
  • Screws made from titanium alloy
  • One Standard Screw diameter
  • 0 & 2.4mm dia (Non-Locking & Locking Screws)
  • 3 & 2.7mm dia (Emergency Screws)
  • Short screws with fine pitch for enhanced resistance to stripping and increased pull-out performance
  • All screw diameters work with all plates
  • Off-axis screw insertion up to 15° (screw-to-blade axes)
  • Screw angulation at least 10° depending on plate size


  • Implant features conical locking technology for reliable screw-to-plate stability
  • Plates made from pure titanium
  • Plate thicknesses to suit a variety of needs
  • Rounded plate profiles and edges
  • Improved “angle plate” designs reduce stress in critical areas
  • Large reconstruction plates available for defect bridging
  • Three dimensionally preformed reconstruction plates
  • Specialized plates for sub condylar fractures
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